Mid-Sized Businesses

Cybersecurity is no joke. Just check out our news section.  Whether you have a website, online accounts or any type of web-based infrastructure, you are at risk for a cyber-attack.

Although the public typically only hears about cyber-attacks against high-profile companies, banks, and government websites, medium businesses make prime targets for cyber-criminals, competitors and disgruntled parties. While Medium sized businesses have the resources to implement a good Cyber-Security solution, many organizations don’t take the necessary steps to do so.  Most companies don’t think they will be a target, or they feel they are adequately protected.

Dark Reading’s report on “The State of IT and Cybersecurity” has some interesting insight into what might be happening:

"But our survey also reveals some major barriers to effective collaboration between the two groups (IT and Security). Although a growing proportion of organizations include the security group at the start of every new digital project — and consult with that group heavily along the way — a substantially large proportion do not. In such organizations, it would appear that IT generalists are handling critical security functions without adequate oversight or input from security professionals. The survey also shows that top executives often place greater emphasis — and budget — on digital innovation and speed over security, making the cyber-security team’s job more difficult."

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